Published 30/09/22 with Broken Sleep Books, Back Teeth examines girlhood, the feminine body, and the dark place within that snarls and roars with veined gums. Edmonds uses these startling poems as vehicles for identity, nature, and womanhood, unearthing an enchanting and frightening landscape. Edmonds’ bold, fierce poems give way to discovery through her sharp, vivid imagination. This is poetry that questions and challenges the world around it, pushing the limits of the known and creating new ground on which to walk.

PRAISE for Back Teeth:

This is an exquisite book which manages to find a truly unique and particular language for the experience of growing up and occupying the world as a woman. These poems are bold, dream like, heady and breathtaking. A stunning debut that will stay with whoever reads it for a long time.

— Cecilia Knapp, Little Boxes

Back Teeth is a gorgeously grotesque emergence from that deep, dark place inside every woman and girl. The book’s unexpected twist on the often confusing transition from girl to womanhood is a welcome, fresh perspective. This bold debut collection will leave you breathless with a mouth full of bittersweet flavours.”

— Hanan Issa, National Poet of Wales.

Back Teeth is available from Broken Sleep Books.


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